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UBM India in buying spree; acquires Renewable Energy India Expo from Ei
In a major industry move, the series of Renewable Energy India Expos have been transferred by Exhibitions India Pvt Ltd to UBM India.


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Adventure Travel Live 2010 London
Place your feet here to explore the world...

Adventure and travelling has been one of the most spell bounding and exciting concepts of tourism and travel industry .Form trekking mountain ranges to exploring sand dunes, from gazing the setting sun on a lonely island to discovering the secrets of vast oceans adventure and exploration have always been the hilt of a mans virtue to find something new in everything.

Adventure Show 2010 is a forerunner in the field of travel and tourism industry and sets to provide the much needed vector in the industry which has set its own standards of success by driving out huge revenues across the world.

With the ongoing trend in globalization it has become matter of choice to move easily across the world .Money transfer and payment gateway facilities have been enhanced to the next level. Every nook and corner of the world is connected by vast arena of networks. Global positioning response system facilities (GPRS) have further enhanced the travelling and place hunting capabilities of adventure seekers creating a new gateway ahead.

Adventure Travel Live is the only consumer travel exhibition that is dedicated to delivering a live sales and marketing platform for the industry. They are committed to create an all important point of contact where adventure travel companies can meet and do business with their key target audience. After launching and running the original Adventure Travel Show for 12 years, and with a track record of delivering serious buyers year after year, they have the experience - and know how to target and attract a discerning audience who have a real passion for adventure travel .They know that in today's challenging business environment their marketing spend must work hard, which is why they are committed to delivering a high-quality event.

Adventure Travel Live is the one stop shop for anyone planning an off-the-beaten-track travel adventure. The show is packed with inspiration and travel advice that will help you to uncover the journey of a lifetime, from small group adventures, wildlife encounters, trekking, family adventures, career breaks, safaris, overland expeditions, volunteering, gap years and much more.

Adventure and Travelling is an entirely new and innovative concept in the field with lot of innovation for the entire travel and tourism industry .With lot of "Staring down into the smoldering eyes of a tiger from the back of an elephant in India's Kanha National Park": that has been selected as the world's greatest travel adventure by a jury of the UK's top explorers, adventurers and award-winning writers .Some of the best adventures which need to be highlighted in terms of  international adventure travelling and tourism were adjudged as follows.

Top 10 adventures

1 Tiger tracking on elephants, Kanha National Park, India
"You'll never get so close to a tiger in the wild" - Bryn Thomas.

2 Skiing on Asahidake, Hokkaido, Japan
"Asahidake is the island's highest mountain and sends out a stream of smoke from its vents. Forget what you know about powder skiing in Europe. Hokkaido enjoys eight metres of snow a year, and the powder is some of the most consistently excellent in the world." - Perry Wilson.

3 Diving with hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos
"With basic scuba skills you can safely dive with these fabulous, iconic sharks - in the company of so many of them that you lose count. Even if you're not a diver, you can still get up close and personal with them by snorkelling" - Paul Rose.

4 Encounter with mountain gorillas in Rwanda
"Nothing rivals a close-up with our closest relatives. It is at altitude, in a rainforest, with no paths. The trek can take five hours, all for an hour of personal space with your 'prime mates'. Worth it - massively, emotionally - and it helps this poor, war-ravaged country." - Paul Goldstein

5 = Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru
"Popular though this three-day trek is, nothing can prepare you for the awesome first sight of the 'lost' city of the Incas as you round the trail on the last day, seeing it perched high above the Urumaba with the mist swirling around it" - Bryn Thomas.

6 = Larapinta Trail in Australia's Northern Territory.
"Classic Outback country: dry, dramatic, lots of wildlife ... the 'dry' component would normally make it unwalkable, until the establishment of regular water tanks made it one of Australia's best hikes." - Tony Wheeler.

7 Trans-Siberian Railways, Russia.
"The greatest rail adventure of them all. I'd suggest the weekly Moscow-Mongolia-Beijing train rather than the less interesting Moscow-Vladivostok. It's six nights and over 5,000 miles across Siberia, the Gobi Desert and through the Great Wall for as little as £410. You can even start your trip at St Pancreas." Mark Smith

8 Hot-air ballooning over the Serengeti of Tanzania.
"Even if there are no migrating herds, just to pass over the African savannah in silence is something you will never forget." - Benedict Allen.

9 Hiking the Grand Tsingy Circuit, Madagascar
"Tsingy are grotesque pinnacles and spikes of limestone creating the world's most exotic rock garden. Rare succulents shelter in the gullies that visitors cross using boardwalks, ladders and bridges. An extraordinary experience on an extraordinary island." - Hilary Bradt.

10 The wildlife of the Pantanal, Brazil
"Check out giant otters, caimans, jaguars, green iguanas and more." - Tim Fryer.

Innovative and creative shows like these need to be sorted out to bring out a more revolutionary space for creating a mark and space for people in adventure tourism sector. The event inculcates to bring a platform where sectors of different aspects need to merge themselves in the tourism industry and need to find themselves placed in some or the other way in these sectors.

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